Frequently Asked Questions

If your booking is non-refundable you cannot cancel. If your booking is free cancellation or partially refundable, check your confirmation email or confirmation page in the Bookings section of your account for the cancellation costs.

Yes, it is necessary to buy travel insurance before you travel. Secondly, to obtain a visa for some countries, overseas travel insurance is compulsory.

Your confirmation email will list if any meals are included or not included. Depending on the property it may be possible to add a meal plan upon arrival. Please contact the property directly 1-2 days before your stay to find out more.

You will not be charged any additional or hidden charges either by your bank or by Kundu World Travels for making any booking on our site.

If you’d like to request an extra service like an extra bed, early check-in or transportation to the property, please contact the property directly 1-2 days before arrival. There is no guarantee, but they may be able to help.

We only provide partner companies (Trip Providers) with the information necessary to complete your booking.

Yes, our site is accessible on Android and iPhone and you can make your bookings and complete your transactions through your mobile phone.

Advance payment can be made through A/c. Payee Check in favor of “Kundu World Travels” or Cash/ IMPS / RTGS / NEFT